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Humpback Whales Herd Salmon With Their Fins in Never-Before-Filmed Feeding Behavior

Humpback whales off the Pacific Northwest coast were documented performing never-before-filmed behavior—herding salmon directly into their gaping mouths with their fins. This extraordinary feeding strategy, filmed by a drone, works in tandem with another advanced hunting strategy that involves encircling schools of fish in a morass or screen of bubbles – blocking the sight and […]

Buried Roman City Mapped in Stunning Detail Using Ground-Penetrating Radar

For some years now, archaeologists have been employing a technology called ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to discover what lies beneath their feet without the risk of damaging ancient artifacts and structures with shovels and trowels. Over the years the technology of GPR has advanced, and it was recently used to produce a map of an entire […]

Kentucky Tattoo Parlor is Creatively Covering Up Hate Tattoos For Free

Tattoos can be a beautiful avenue of self expression, but for some who were involved in gangs or hate groups in the past, they can be a very visible reminder of a mistake. Since tattoo removal is such a painful and expensive process, it remains out of reach for many, leading to social and career […]

This Orchestra Performs ‘Symphonies’ Using Typewriter Sounds—Listen to Their Catchy New Song

Some orchestras have string sections; others have brass—but this particular orchestra is famous for only using typewriters. For the last 16 years, the Boston Typewriter Orchestra has been delighting audiences across New England by performing original songs and covers composed exclusively for the mechanical clicks, kerchunks, and dings of typewriters. Although a few of the […]

Startup in Uganda Recycles Plastic Bottles into PPE Face Shields For Hospitals

Killing two birds with one stone, two Ugandan entrepreneurs working to up-cycle plastic waste into building materials have altered their production to tackle the shortages of personal protective medical equipment (PPE) in hospitals dealing with the country’s COVID-19 patients. After the government ordered all non-essential businesses closed, Peter Okwoko and his colleague Paige Balcom, co-founders […]

Black Protestor is a Hero After Carrying Injured White Counter-Protestor to Safety: ‘It’s not black vs white’

A Black Lives Matter protestor is being hailed as a hero after he came to the rescue of a counter-protestor who was injured at an anti-racism rally in London. Patrick Hutchinson’s face has been featured on news outlets around the world since he was photographed carrying the far-right demonstrator to safety during the protest near […]

Johns Hopkins is Offering Free Online Course in Psychological First Aid

As the world becomes more and more attentive to the importance of mental health, researchers are offering up an invaluable resource on how to give “psychological first aid” to a distressed person—and it is available for free. Johns Hopkins University is responsible for publishing a free online college course for conducting “Psychological First Aid” on […]