Day: June 19, 2020

Rob Manfred needs Bud Selig to bail him out

The primary catalyst behind the current negotiating strife is not owners and players being mad at each other. At least I don’t think so. That’s an effect, not a cause. As I said this morning, I think the cause is that some owners don’t really want to play a 2020 season unless it’s done on […]

Wildfire smoke inhalation puts firefighters at risk

A recent study co-authored by CUNY SPH Professor Ilias Kavouras examined the cardiovascular and pulmonary effects of smoke inhalation in firefighters. The study revealed that firefighters are inhaling large quantities of tiny particles containing carcinogenic chemicals while they combat destructive and dangerous wildfires. These firefighters are often battling wildfires over long periods of time and […]

Appeals court sides with exchanges in U.S. SEC fee row

A U.S. appeals court ruled on Tuesday that the Securities and Exchange Commission cannot force stock exchanges to conduct a costly experiment to see how the fees they charge and the incentives they offer affect brokers’ trading habits. The SEC’s “Transaction Fee Pilot” aimed to shed light on how lucrative rebate payments from exchanges to […]

Parallels and Google team up to bring Windows apps to Chrome OS

Parallels is partnering with Google to bring full Windows applications to Chrome OS via its virtualization technology. This would allow businesses to deploy cheaper Chromebooks while still being able to leverage legacy Windows applications when needed. There’s no word as to general availability but this should help bolster Chrome OS in the software department.Parallels is […]

Buried Roman City Mapped in Stunning Detail Using Ground-Penetrating Radar

For some years now, archaeologists have been employing a technology called ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to discover what lies beneath their feet without the risk of damaging ancient artifacts and structures with shovels and trowels. Over the years the technology of GPR has advanced, and it was recently used to produce a map of an entire […]