Rodney Harrison: Patriots will be motivated to prove they can win without Tom Brady

Can Tom Brady win without Bill Belichick? Can Belichick win without Brady?

Those two questions will hover over the 2020 football season. And they will be used as fuel in New England.

Take it from a guy who was there long enough to know how the buttons get pushed.

“[Belichick] might bring up a couple articles,” Patriots Hall of Famer Rodney Harrison told Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald, “everybody saying it’s over, Brady this, Brady that. Of course he’ll say something about that. But at the end of the day, whether he makes the point or not, he knows the team will be motivated to prove they can win without Tom.”

Finding motivation is very real for the Patriots, because it helps the players, coaches, and staff members find the will to do all of the things that need to be done in order to have the best team possible.

“It’s not just talk, not with the Patriots,” Harrison said. “It’s a chip you carry in the weight room, you carry in the film room, in the dining room, you carry at home watching extra film, it’s a chip that motivates you. It’s motivating for people to say you can’t win without Brady. I know I would be pissed. . . . So these guys are going to be motivated, pumped up and ready to go. . . . You gotta take it personal. You gotta let it motivate you.”

If it wasn’t Brady, it would be something else. Belichick realizes that he needs to always find that extra thing that gets all employees to give and do the extra that’s needed in order to win.